Our USP <797> compliance system is optimized to industry best practice standards and exceeds the expectations of the regulatory authorities. Our comprehensive system utilizes the highest quality culture media and gives you the confidence you need through analysis, evaluation, and asepsis maintenance.
Our efficient system implementation and management will be easy. Bio-MedQC provides you the material, the methods and the microbiology you need. Your system is also flexible and reliable. It is easily customized to meet your specific compounding practices now and to changing requirements in the future.
Bio-MedQC can provide expert training and ongoing support for your system. Our microbiology and sterility control support is capable of guiding you through the entire USP <797> process. Compounding pharmacies around the world rely on us to be their quality partner. Our philosophy and consultative approach set us apart from all the competition.

Why Bio-Med QC?

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Why Bio-Med QC for your AQA System

USP <797> standards state: “The issues to consider in the development of a media-fill test are media selection, media-fill procedures, fill volume, incubation, time and temperature, inspection of filled units, documentation, interpretation of results, and possible corrective actions required.”
Bio-Med QC AQA SystemBio-Med QC™designs, develops and supports Asepsis Quality Assurance (AQA) systems for compounding pharmacies with all these fundamentals in mind.


As the leading expert in USP <797> compliance programs, we evaluate and optimize the microbiology aspect of your quality system including your operational processes and staff technique.


At Bio-Med QC, we provide you with the material, the methods and the microbiology you need to achieve the USP <797> compliance you require to operate. 


Make the choice and select us to help you stay compliant.

  • The Bio-Shield AT™ test kit includes clearly written procedures and easy to follow procedural diagams to lead you to an accurate result.


  • Bio-Med QC™expert microbiologists are available to set up your Bio-Shield AQA system to accurately simulate your most challenging compounding protocol.  Your Bio-Med QC™system is flexible.  It is easily customized to your specific compounding practices now – and to changing requirements in the future.


  • A single partner saves you time and money.


  • Discover Why Bio-Med QC™ is the leader in design, manufacture and support.